horse handling training in the round pen is an essential part of our training

While there are many fine seminars or webinars on aspects of equine care, we sought to create a comprehensive, multi-day program that covers the issues in care specific to stock owners with multiple animals. Large herd management presents unique challenges that backyard horse owners may not face.

Holding true to its mission of “Pioneering Innovation”, Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School has developed a new course focused on the issues, information and practical applications needed in herd management. This course is uniquely designed to address the needs of this special class of horse owner.

The key difference is that this program targets the special needs of horse owners that do not have unlimited budgets or operate high end race or performance barns. The typical attendee of this course must manage equine healthcare taking into consideration the cost/benefit relationship of all major decisions involving treatment and recovery. Our herd management course will provide valuable and practical advice on diagnosis, emergency First Aid and First Responder procedures as well as general health concerns such as disease control, immunization, and nutrition.

This course will appeal to individuals caring for their own growing herds, as well as entrepreneurs in equine industries like: outfitters, trail ride operators, Dude Ranch owners, horse camp managers, boarding and lesson barn managers, equine trainers and breeders.


Participants arrive on a Sunday, attend the course Monday through Friday, and then depart Saturday morning. We have divided the 5- day course into modules. Each module delves into themes of critical importance to herd management. These themes include, but are not limited to: foot and leg; intestines; dental; motor/muscular; conformation and horse selection; fitting of equipment; common wounds and injuries and how to doctor; emergency First Aid and triage; relationship with your vet; communication of vital signs, and; much, much, more.


Swan Mountain Ranch hosts this special course. Students will find the accommodations very comfortable with hearty meals. The Ranch boasts state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to assist instructors in presenting the material. Of course, there will be plenty of horses at the Ranch functioning as teaching aids too!


The instructional staff will be led by Jim Ford Certified Eq.D, and Patrick M. Tabor, MBA. We utilize guest instructors as well to present particular topics. Course materials include an extensive reference binder and a custom designed equine first aid kit.

We are limiting the class to only eight participants, to ensure a high level of quality instruction and to maximize the student experience.

There is no other program of this nature available for the multi-equine owner. Sign-up today for this unique hands-on course! Gain the information and skills every multi-equine owner needs to know to manage the health and welfare of their herd.

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