While many hunting guide schools list “Outfitters School” in their name, few if any actually offer curriculum that specifically target topics that are more applicable to an outfitter versus to an aspiring hunting guide.

Outfitters or outfitter candidates typically look to a guide school for one of three purposes, to acquire experience for licensing, to investigate the economics and realities of starting or acquiring an outfitting business or to continue their education. The State of Montana requires that all Outfitter License candidates have 100 days of experience as a guide for both hunting and 120 days for fishing. The State provides that 30 days of this experience can be waived if the license candidate attends an approved guide school. Outfitter license candidates then find that they must attend a guide school going over material they already know, and staying for longer periods of time than they need and can afford to, away from their homes and businesses.

Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School has developed a specific Outfitter Training Program. Attendees of this program are:

  • Outfitter license candidates looking to acquire a waiver for 30 days experience toward licensing
  • Individuals looking to acquire or start an outfitting business who want to learn the ins and outs of running an outfitting business
  • Existing outfitters looking to expand their knowledge base on running their business more effectively.

undefinedNo other outfitters school in America has a program designed like this one addressing the true business aspects of what it takes to run a successful guide and outfitting operation. Like many small businesses, many folks that get into outfitting struggle to makes ends meet. The business is very seasonal, and cash flow is highly irregular. Based around our guide training philosophy, this course will help new outfit owners, those considering going into outfitting and others learn the nuances of running this unique type of service business before they lay down a bunch of cash. The program covers a power house of topics in a ten day period, and is designed to get you in and out quickly so you can get back to your business, yet meet the requirements of one education day for three experience days as required by Montana State Law.

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