undefinedSwan Mountain Wilderness Guide School is an outfitter guide school that was founded by Pat Tabor, owner of Swan Group of Companies. Pat has been fishing and hunting for the last 30 years and has been a client of over 34 outfitters located all over the world. Pat will tell you himself that he has hunted and fished with some of the best, and unfortunately, some of the worst hunting and fishing guides. His collective years of experience as a hunter and fisherman has enabled him to identify the attributes of many of the finest outfitters and guides and bring this knowledge to Swan Mountain Outfitters and Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School.

After working for many years in the corporate world, Pat and his wife Joanne, decided to focus on making their Montana dreams a reality while they were still young enough to make it happen. Pat officially began his professional career in outfitting when he formed Swan Mountain Outfitters by combining the business activities of Swan Mountain Ranch and purchasing Lion Creek Outfitters, a well respected and established hunting outfitter in Montana in operation since 1972. Then Pat bought Mule Shoe Outfitters, and now has the exclusive concession to provide trail rides in Glacier National Park.  In a short few years, Pat has built the largest horseback based outfit in Montana. But don’t assume because Pat is a successful business man as an outfitter that he doesn’t have guiding and packing experience.  In the first several years of establishing his business, Pat guided every pack trip and hunt.  He has logged thousands of miles in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and has successfully guided clients in harvesting mule and whitetail deer, elk and bear.

undefinedOften described as a “new generation outfitter”, Pat is focused on providing the best equipment, techniques and trip planning to deliver the most satisfying adventure itineraries and hunting experiences available today. This razor sharp focus, combined with Pat’s strong business acumen gained through almost three decades in the corporate world, makes Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School unique among outdoor guide schools operating today.

Our outfitter guide school operates under permits from the Flathead National Forest, Montana DNRC, and private timber company leases.

Pat is the Past President of the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association, and two-timed Past President of the Montana Professional Wilderness Outfitters Association. Pat was appointed by the Governor of Montana and served on the Board of Outfitters for nearly five years. Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School and Swan Mountain Outfitters are  proud members of the following industry associations: