In addition to summer pack trips, customized trail rides, and hunting trips in the Swan Valley, our sister company, Swan Mountain Outfitters also has the exclusive contract to run all the trail rides in Glacier National Park. With over 14,000 trail rides a summer, we hire over 30 wranglers on a seasonal basis and have intimate knowledge of the most important aspects of trail ride/wrangler based operations. As a result of our first-hand experience in this business, we have developed our Wrangler Training Program to address the need for good base training on how to be an effective wrangler.


Wrangler School Curriculum

The curriculum for this course is composed of a variety of topics that we have found to be critical for wranglers to master. These include the following:

  • The Proper Tools – Selection of the right equipment, demonstration in proper use, repair/maintenance, and of course practicing saddling and bridling techniques
  • The Horse – overview of horse anatomy, behavior, and socialization
  • The Mule – explanation of the characteristics unique to mules and practice with safely interacting with mules
  • The Daily Routine – overview of equine nutrition, hydration and daily care
  • The Veterinarian – addresses equine injuries and ailments that a wrangler should be able to both identify and treat
  • The String – overview of the most common and effective knots as well as how to string and pony stock safely
  • The Trail – hands on experience with proper trail clearing and trail maintenance aimed at keeping people and stock safe.
  • The Trail Ride – riding techniques specific to leading trail rides
  • The Guest – strategies for providing outstanding customer service and dealing with difficult guests
  • The Certification – Receive a certificate of completion for the course. Students will also receive certification in Wilderness First Aid Certification (valid for two years).

More benefits!

In addition to a wide range of interesting topics and useful information in the program curriculum, our wrangler school has even more benefits: Job opportunities!

  1. We’re always updating our Job Board and job seeking resources. And, our experienced staff have advice and recommendations to offer for students.
  2. Top students in the program often fill open positions with Swan Mountain Outfitters. With increasingly busy tourist seasons, the Glacier Division especially is often interested in adding positions throughout the summer. Find more information on wrangling in Glacier National Park at their website
  3. Students who hire on with Swan Mountain can receive 1/3 of their course tuition reimbursed as a bonus. This applies IF the wrangler satisfactorily fulfills the requirements of their work contract and receives positive performance evaluations.

*New Session!*

Due to the popularity of this course, we are adding an additional spring session. Instead of taking place at our Wilderness Guide School in the Swan Valley, this special spring session will be hosted by Swan Mountain Outfitters- Glacier Division in West Glacier, Montana. This session’s dates and venue won’t line up as neatly with other courses offered in packing and guiding, so it is best suited for students seeking only the wrangler course. This class will place students in a prime position to seek immediate employment opportunities as wranglers for the remainder of the summer season. Class size limited to 8 students.

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