Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School offers distinctive types of guide training and outfitter school programs covering hunting, packing and trail ride wrangling techniques:

What To Look For in a Guide School

If you are comparing the curriculum of various wilderness guide training schools, you will find many of the same basic themes. The key is to drill down into the differences of these hunting guide schools in terms of the depth and breadth of what is being covered in each guide school, who is instructing and the details of guide school course material. For instance in courses about horses, are you learning about the anatomy and body parts of horses or are you actually learning horsemanship, how to ride and how to stay safe? In our hunting guide school curriculum at Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School, we have covered all the basic fundamentals as well as adding many unique program elements that set us apart from other hunting guide schools.

We actually have more content than we typically have time for as we strive to be very thorough. Our program is more intense and does not “peter” out near the end, cutting students loose early or filling time with hikes called “hunting practice”. We challenge you to select a program that will give you what you are paying for! At Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School, we offer thorough coverage of important topics in an innovative fashion delivered by top-notch experts.

We strongly encourage you to evaluate our curriculum, instructors and course layouts to other guide schools you may be familiar with.

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