The Swan Mountain Wilderness Cooking School offers a complete program of instruction in camp and back country cooking. The school is located in a magnificent wilderness setting near Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness in northern Montana. The facilities are co-located with the Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School and students will be afforded the opportunity to learn and receive hands-on instruction in a realistic environment.

What You’ll Learn

From the first day you will be involved in planning, cooking, and serving delicious meals for guides and guide students. You will have an opportunity to meet and learn from some of the nation’s most experienced wilderness outfitting practitioners while you are learning wilderness cooking techniques. The curriculum includes lessons on meal planning, kitchen management, and culinary techniques with an emphasis on cast iron, campfire, and primitive cooking. You will also learn basic baking, smoking, grilling, and survival food preparation skills.

In addition to a wide-ranging and detailed, hands-on course of instruction on camp and back country cooking, you will also have an opportunity to be exposed to and practice some basic outdoor skills including First Aid, Map Reading and Orienteering, Basic Horsemanship and Packing, Survival, and Firearms Safety.

Importance of the Camp Cook

In any good outfit the camp cook is critical to success. A delicious meal to begin or end a hard day of outdoor work can have a significant effect on the morale and energy of everyone in the camp. A good cook not only cooks, but may also be involved in other aspects of hunting and outfitting operations. In many cases, the extent to which the cook can be involved in other activities is limited only by your own enthusiasm and skills. At Swan Mountain we will inspire your enthusiasm and help you build your skills. We will open your eyes to the endless possibilities of cooking in the outdoors.

The motto of the Swan Mountain Wilderness Cooking School is: “Be Prepared.” No one can predict what situations you may face. Our curriculum will teach you the skills to survive and cook in just about any situation and to “Be Prepared” for whatever may come your way.

When you have successfully completed the Swan Mountain Wilderness Cooking School you will be ready to cook in any outdoor situation and, if you choose to pursue a career in camp cooking, you will have the training and experience to do so successfully. We cannot guarantee a camp cook job for you. The road to success depends on you and the effort you put into the craft. But, if you have the energy, the enthusiasm, and the right training, you cannot fail. If you are interested in finding a job as a camp cook we will provide the training and the advice to get you well on your way.

At Swan Mountain we are dedicated and determined to offer the finest world-class training as well as an extraordinary outdoor experience. You will meet and work with experts in many fields and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the course!

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