Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School is proud to maintain strong relationships with other Montana and national wilderness and wildlife organizations including:


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Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks provides enforcement officers and or program information specialists to help candidates to understand the importance of game laws, resource management, expectations of guides and outfitters and understanding the pressures of the non-hunting public.

Montana Board of Outfitters

The Montana Board of Outfitters is the licensing agency for outfitters and guides in the state of Montana. Representatives provide their direct perspective of the issues and challenge the Board faces and will inform students on what is required for obtaining licenses and maintaining a good relationship.

Montana DNRC

Montana DNRC has graciously offered to provide specialists to discuss state regulatory, land use and conservation issues. They will openly discuss issues relating to guided services on state lands, public use issues and challenges from an environmental perspective.

Flathead National Forest

The Flathead National Forest, a division of the USDA-USFS, is providing information officers as resource to our school to understand the expectations of outfitters and/guides, the permitting process, and conservation practices.

Travel Guard

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Visit Montana

Some places are the same whether you view them from the pages of a magazine or from the soles of your own traveling shoes — Montana is not one of those places. Our real treasures are beyond the obvious sweeping vistas, pristine trout streams, and powder-rich ski areas.