Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School is structured much differently then other hunting guide schools utilizing a diverse and highly qualified faculty to lead our instructional programs. We use a team approach to teaching exposing our guide candidates, outfitters, hunters and adventurers to a wide variety of instructors with specific areas of expertise.

We know our students benefit from this model of instruction in the following ways:

  • Multiple instructors give our students different perspectives on a single topic and teaching styles vary across instructors, thus ensuring that each day carries enough variety to capture students’ attention.
  • Our coursework is planned to be diverse, interesting and stay fresh throughout the duration of your program.
  • In many cases our students learn directly from the agencies that make and enforce regulations and rules. This is important in guiding and outfitting, to understand “how will state and federal officials look at this?”

Our staff is composed of seasoned experts with cumulative experience of hundreds of years of actual guide, outfitting, equine and outdoors experience. The only “new” aspect of Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School is the collection of all this talent in one offering!