Do you guarantee job placement?

No, this is not legal in the state of Montana. Additionally, anyone promising that they will as a means to entice you to enroll is not being honest. Think about it, who would make a guarantee like that unless they have a way out (which they do). The fact is we don’t know whether you are cut out for this business or not, we don’t know how you will like it, and quite frankly we don’t know where you will fit. Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School maintains an extensive network of contacts with outfitters all over the country. We get contacted for job openings throughout the year, and maintain a job board. In the last several years we have 4 to 5 times the number of job openings as we have had students to fill them. The fact is, if you work hard, present yourself well, and follow-up there are more jobs then there are people to fill them. Since our inception, everyone who wanted a job got one!

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